Whether you are a Developer, Builder, Real Estate Firm or an Independent Realtor, our singular purpose is provide you with the necessary tools, systems and skills to close ALL of the home sales that you could, and therefore should, be closing.

The hardest business to measure
Is the business you LOSE!


With over 80 Years combined experience in development, construction, marketing, sales, sales managmentand serving the housing industry, we are more than just well equipped to address every situation that might be hindering your efforts.

Track Record

We have helped our clients in various sectors of the housing industry increase their business between 20% in one year to over 300% in 3 years. Our systems have been in development for quite a while, and they work!

360 Degrees

We don’t just handle one issue. Virtually ALL aspects of developing a superior sales force are crucially interlinked. So whether you are needing to recruit new sales team members, train your exisiting staff, develop leaders, improve your marketing initiatives, or launch a prospect follow-up system, we will be at your side.


Above all, we realize that training and developing a superior sales organization is a PROCESS, not an EVENT. We develop, implement, monitor and manage all aspects of our systems throughout our engagement period.


For our recruiting and testing initiatives, we use only the most advanced screening instruments that have been tested for both validity and reliability and meet the highest industry standards. The content of our training programs are based on irrefutable logic and our methods reflect the way people learn in this new technology driven environment.

Industry Specific

We are not just another “off the shelf”¬†training company that provides services to a wide range of industries. We are an industry specific consulting and training firm focused exclusively on the marketing and sales of homes. The programs and systems that we deliver, you people can believe that the training and support we deliver will work and produce additional income.

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