About Us

Real Estate Resources International is a full service resource bank for the real estate industry. We offer a myriad of services covering the full spectrum of real estate sales and marketing, from land acquisition and development, commercial investments, to the promotion of individual home sales and leasing. Our Developer Services Division provides intelligence, support and efficiency training for both on-site and off-site operations.

For more than 15 years, the company has maintained an exemplary performance record, and more recently was the procuring and managing broker of the acquisition of the 1000+- acre parcel currently being developed as The TPC at Treviso Bay, a multi-faceted private residential golfing community, in the southeastern section of Naples.

In addition to the actual sale and purchase, Real Estate Resources International’s staff provided significant input as to the Master Plan concept for the community, assisted in the establishment of a highly qualified land-use team, and was involved in all stages of the development process, including repositioning the land use with local government, namely, Collier County. The company also provided concise input and detailed intelligence to the PGA in their process of evaluating the potential for this community, and their subsequent commitment to validate the development of the club facility as a TPC destination!


David Tricker, the CEO for the company, has been involved in large-scale residential developments in the State of Florida since the early 1970’s, and has provided consulting management for major corporations and developers nationally, internationally and throughout the State. Experience in the establishment of some of the most powerful sales programs within the homebuilding and residential development industry, the leadership team at Real Estate Resources International, offers customized programs for its clients utilizing the most current technology.

Customer centricity!

David W. Hopefully, these tips will google phone tracker www.trackingapps.org get you playing pokemon go just as nature intended? Tricker has extensive experience in corporate management and sales and marketing management both in the United States and overseas. Mr. Tricker has held senior management positions with major US corporations, including a ‘Top Ten’ national homebuilder, and for the last several years has Chaired The Sovereign Group of Companies, a diversified group that through several distinct corporate entities embraces all aspects of real estate technology and development. Mr. Tricker was born in England, and was educated in both England and the United States; he holds a science degree from Essex University in England, and a business degree from Columbia University in New York. Tricker is a naturalized American citizen, and has been a Florida resident since 1979. In addition, Tricker has resided in England, Dubai and Bahrain.  


John Ace Underwood was born in Germany and received the majority of his education in Europe with a strong focus on Consumer Psychology and International Culture and Commerce. He started his professional sales career with Motorola, Inc. 30 years ago selling 2 way communication systems. He received some of the finest sales training both at a corporate level as well as one-on-one training and as a result, quickly rose to join the ranks of the 5 Top sales producers in the United States.

In 1984 became a corporate sales and sales management consultant. Over the past 23 years, Mr. Underwood has focused entirely on the development of sales teams, training both sales and sales management personnel in the housing industry. His monthly articles in trade publications covering a variety of sales and sales management issues are both well received and widely read. Mr. Underwood is considered as one of the most respected subject matter experts in the areas of sales and sales management development and training.

As a consultant, sales and sales management trainer, performance coach and keynote speaker, Mr. Underwood has helped thousands of sales professionals increase both their understanding of the psychology of selling as well as their personal sales performance.

For his corporate clients, Mr. Underwood has helped increase their sales productivity, some by as much as 50%+ per year for 3 consecutive years.

Mr. Underwood is the author of “Scratch Selling: 18 Lessons Golf Will Teach You About Sales”, scheduled for release in the fall of 2014. He resides in both Naples, Fl and in London, UK.


Our mission is to transform our HOMEBUILDER/DEVELOPER, REALTOR, or REAL ESTATE OFFICE clients into world-class SALES professionals and organizations. .