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Quality Sales Leadership and Training in addition to Product and Design is the key to making a development/community fiscally successful! Ironically, it is the Sales Program that is typically given the least amount of attention and accordingly is less refined. In many instances, management places its hopes in the skill set of their sales personnel without realizing that their ‘lost’ business may be significant! We specialize in the development of a formal sales program that controls the sales process from beginning to end! Further, we implement systems that allow management to closely monitor sales performance and more acutely identify the effectiveness of both their sales and marketing efforts. We are very good at what we do, and desire to make Homebuilders and Developers more successful!

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Recruiting, Testing and Hiring
  • CRM Pursuit Systems
  • Sales Process Evaluation
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Sales Management Coaching
  • On-site Marketing Strategy Development
  • Off-site Marketing Strategy Development
  • Land Acquisition
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On-Site Management Services:

If you are a small to medium-sized Homebuilder or Developer, then it would be prudent to consider our On-Site Management Services. Essentially, we take over your on-site sales operation and deploy highly skilled Sales Associates to maximize your sales performance. We are accountable to you for attaining minimum sales thresholds, and we guarantee results!


We provide a comprehensive service that is designed to realign the selling process! The process is initiated with a careful and concise diagnosis of the personnel and procedures in place, thereby identifying the platform from which we will base our effort. We access the spectrum of the sales process, and realign how a prospect is handled and provide specifics on ‘controlling the sales process. ’ In this process, we also evaluate and correct traffic reporting systems, follow up procedures, exit strategies, referral generation and Realtor liaison functions. We further assess the design and structure of a Sales Center, the management of traffic flow, and optimization of product displays. Succinctly stated, we define and optimize the sales performance for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


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